March 16, 2016

Pine Wood Ceiling Panels | Pine Boards For Ceilings Paneling Planks

Pine Wood Ceiling The pine tree is too small to be used as decoration panel. So they are mainly manufactured into MDF. Pine wood often means MDF based on pine wood. Our pine wood ceiling panels are designed with natural wood warmth, elegance and beauty, and with added benefits of sound absorption. Pine wood ceiling […]

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September 19, 2017

Perforated Wood Panels | Acoustic Wood Wall Sheet | Perforated Timber Panels

Perforated Wood Panels We are a company that produce perforated wood panels in-house, ensuring quality products and timely delivery. Our perforated timber panels are durable, flame retardant, sustainable and easy to install, and the most important feature is combining decorative and acoustic in one. We have a wide range of perforations and provide solutions for […]

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