Customize Acoustic Wood Panels

Different projects have different acoustic requirements, which can only be satisfied by acoustic panels manufacturers. Our factory can custom grooved or perforated acoustic panels. You can choose size, thickness, color, and fire rating to customize.

In the past, our wood panels are mainly based on pine wood MDF. Now we can also perforated class A composite materials. These pine wood panels have firstly been used in furniture and now have being more and more popular used as wall and ceiling panels.

Acoustic Wood Panels Applications

Pine wood walls and ceilings are often used in schools, hotels, home theater, prisons, broadcast, government & municipal buildings, multi-purpose room, religious places, theater, and so on.

Pine Wood Panels

We are an expert in manufacturing custom pine wood panels that works closely with you to ensure that your design is intended to be achieved. With years of experience, we have been involved in many projects, large or small, that need pine wood wall or ceiling. We can create custom versions to meet any project requirements and can route to custom sizes as well as provide negative edge detail and expert edge detail such as filaments, discounts and placement tile profiles.

All of our standard panels are fully customizable, or we can make each panel into a different design. Our CNC machines offer great flexibility so that we can manufacture countless designs. Working with acoustic engineers, we can create custom panels to meet any acoustic requirements. After consulting our design team, you can develop your own custom designs.

We can make custom designs, company names or logos in MDF pine wood panels. Standard panel size is 1220 x 2440 mm pine wood MDF or 15 mm thickness Firesafe MDF, so we can make any size smaller than 1220x2440mm. Panel dimensions may vary depending on design constraints. The following are some examples that can be achieved.

Contact us today about how to create custom design pine wood acoustic panels for your projects and see how your vision is fulfilled.

Pine Wood Panels