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We are a market leader in decorative, acoustic and fire-resistant walls and ceiling panels in China. We offers complete decorative, acoustic and flame retardant perforated panel that combine standard or fully customized perforations to meet your design requirements. Perforated acoustic panels are widely used in offices, office buildings, hotel, recording, broadcasting studios, government and municipal buildings, multi-purpose rooms, restaurant acoustics, theater and home theater, etc.

Perforated Panel

Quality Acoustic Panels

Our years of experience means that we have developed a rigorous process to minimize manufacturing errors and production delays. Drawings for each perforated panel can be provided to make sure the panel is correct for the first time. This process is invaluable because the potentially expensive mistakes may be found on paper before they become serious problems in the construction site.

  1. Sound Absorption
  2. Interior Decoration
  3. Environmental Friendly
  4. Flame Retardent

Perforated Panel

Our melamine laminated or UV painted finish is resistant to abrasion and scratch. The pre-finished MDF perforated panel means a controlled and pre-determined panel appearance and finish quality. When real wood veneer is used, we works closely with architects to ensure the best results. We also work closely with regular suppliers to ensure better project consistency.

With years of experience, our acoustic perforated panels have been exported to many countries such as Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, etc. We have the ability to make your project effective. Please contact us today for more information.

Standard wood perforated panels are tested for easy designation of the panel to achieve the required NRC and open area values. Micro perforation or wood micro perforated acoustic panels are also available.

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