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Wooden Acoustic Slat Panel PET Felt Natural Wooden Materials Fsc Certified Wooden Slat Wall

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Wooden Slat Panels Polyester Panels Slat Acoustic Panels Interior Wooden Slats Board

The wooden slat panels are composed of wooden slats and polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels. It is easier to adjust on curved surfaces than traditional natural wooden materials. Polyester panels are available in a variety of colors to match the slat color. Therefore, it can meet the aesthetic needs of designers.

Wooden Slat Panels  Specification

Type: Slatted Composite Acoustic Panel
Basic Material: polyester fiber panel+ MDF slat or solid wood slat
Finish: melamine, wood veneer
Color: Color chart or customized
Size: Width 160 or 200 or 400 or 600mm × Length 2400mm (Allowable tolerance: length +-2mm; wide:+-1mm)
Thickness: 21mm (Allowable tolerance: +-1mm)
Weight: About 8.5kgs/m2
Fireproof Grade: B or C grade as per EN13501-1
Formaldehyde emission level: E1
Piece/SQM: 1 pieces/1.44sqm

Wooden Acoustic Slat Panel PET Felt Natural Wooden Materials Fsc Certified Wooden Slat Wall

The interior wooden slats are usually wood grain. There are many options. For example, treated Oak is a beautiful wood strip decorative panel with high quality acoustic properties. Slatted models can be easily applied to walls and ceilings, whether for domestic or commercial use. The contemporary style embodies individuality in every way. American walnut is a high-quality hardwood. It is rich in bold colors and has a fine texture that is often straight in texture. Making it ideal for use as it naturally makes any room warm and inviting. FSC certified wooden slat wall is available.

We manufacture acoustic wood slat acoustic panels to bring the beauty and calming essence of nature to your home or workplace. We oversee every area of ​​production, from the selection of trees to the sale of the final wood slats PET panel, ensuring that only the highest quality products are produced for our customers.

Wooden Slat Panels Advantages

1. Suitable for distribution
2. Good impact resistance
3. Easy to clean, just wipe with a soft cloth
4. Fast installation and can be cut on site
5. Flexible combination of slat and PET board, creative design

Slatted composite sound-absorbing panel
Good decoration / sound absorption / fire protection / easy to handle and install

Where to Apply
The wooden acoustic slat panel is usually used in classrooms, home, offices, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, lecture halls, recording studios, cinemas, home theaters, etc.