Acoustic Groove Panels

Acoustic groove panels can be used as both sound absorption and decoration panel with perforations on both sides and grooves on face side.

Wood Slat Ceiling

The slatted wood ceiling is available in a wide range of stylish acoustic perforations, both standard and fully customizable, for creating perfect acoustic performance.

Perforated MDF Panels

Our perforated MDF panels combine the natural beauty of wood with well-designed perforations in a series of classic designs.

Perforated Ceiling Tiles

The structure of perforated ceiling tiles is simple. The substrate is MDF, with melamine or veneer on both sides and the veneers can be painted.

Slotted Wall Panels

Our slotted wall panels provide excellent performance values ​​in a series of standard designs that provide a visually warm acoustic space.

Pine Wood Panels

These pine wood panels have firstly been used in furniture and now have being more and more popular used as wall and ceiling panels.



With years of experience, our acoustic perforated panels have been exported to many countries such as Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, etc. We have the ability to make your project effective.



Wood perforated acoustic panels are the most popular acoustical materials in China and many other countries.