Grooved Acoustic Wood Panels

Manufacturer Grooving Acoustic Panels MDF Grooved Board | Grooved Acoustic And Wood Wall Panel Acoustic Panel With Grooves Groove Wooden Slats

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Grooved Acoustic Wood Panels

The grooved acoustic wood panels have a variety of configurations to meet all acoustic requirements and provide an excellent sound absorption and noise control solution for all types of rooms. The tongue-and-groove connection allows two flat parts to be firmly connected together to form a flat surface. The appearance is exquisite, easy to assemble and low maintenance cost, so groove wall panel is highly recommended by architects. The material used is fireproof MDF(Migh-density fiberboard). Designed with grooves on the visible surface and holes on the back, grooved acoustic and wood wall panel is known for its excellent sound absorption performance.

In general, the thickness of a MDF grooved board has the greatest impact on its sound absorption quality, so you can choose a acoustic panel with grooves that meets all the required standards. The groove wooden slats for walls and ceilings have an interlocking concept. The use of hidden screws is designed to be simple and easy to install, making your walls smooth and beautiful.

Grooved Acoustic Wood Panels Specifications

Size: 2440x128mm
Core Material: MDF, MgO
Thickness: 15mm

Grooved Acoustic And Wood Wall Panel Acoustic Panel With Grooves Groove Wooden Slats

The grooved acoustic wood panels are made of internal grade medium density fiberboard (MDF/HDF) and melamine, natural wood or veneer. The panel finish reflects the bright and beautiful style of modern rhythm and can be fire resistant.

The acoustic panels grooved boards can balance sound reflection and absorption through grooves and perforations. In order to obtain a high sound absorption coefficient (NRC) value, a sound-absorbing core material (synthetic polyester fiber cotton) will be used behind the wooden acoustic panels. The groove wall panel has a tongue and groove structure to avoid any sagging/unevenness.

Groove Wooden Slats Feature

Beautiful and generous, eco-friendly, reduce reverberation and echo, improve speech clarity, high performance, architectural decoration, maintenance-free, especially suitable for high-traffic areas, good at absorbing low and medium sounds.

Technical characteristics of grooving acoustic panels:

High quality pattern
Low cost maintenance
MDF. (High Density Fiberboard)
Hard materials and flame retardants
NRC = 0.77
Tongue and groove joint
Absorb mid and high frequency
Solve the problem of comb filtering


Auditorium, grooved acoustic wood panels for recording studio, theater, acoustic grooved panels for home theater, smart classroom, teleconference and video conference room, multi-function room, company office, etc.