Wood Acoustic Panels – Before Installation

Wood Acoustic Panels

Wood Acoustic Panels – Before Installation


Wood acoustic panels are used indoors and must be installed under climate controlled conditions. It is strongly recommended that the wood sound panels be installed in the same condition as the room will be in use.

The panel should be installed by experienced workers and must follow the our instructions. Acoustic wood wall panels processing is very important. Our wood acoustic panels are mostly made with MDF core and are rugged. However, the panel is finished product and you should very careful when transporting and assembling.

When installing the wood acoustic wall panels 2440x128mm with clips, no additional spacing is required unless there is a high moisture change expectation. When joining them, a 0.5mm gap should be left in the length between each two panels. For wood acoustic panels with a width of 600mm, a wider width of 3 mm should be left between each panel.

Wood veneer

Natural veneer is different in color and particles, and is recommended to match them before perforated acoustic panels installation. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.


Before installing the panel, it is recommended to remove it from the box a few days in advance. This will allow the wood acoustics panels to withstand the moisture content and temperature around it to avoid any movement at the time of installation.

Wood Acoustic Panels - Before Installation

Storage conditions

Materials should be stored in crates and plastic packaging until ready for use. As with all wood products, wood acoustic panels must be protected against humid environments or direct contact with moisture and must be stored under dry conditions under climate controlled places where humidity is not more than 60% and not less than 20%.

The wooden acoustical panel must be stored flat. Temperatures above 50 °C may cause decomposition and discoloration.


Wood acoustic panel surface is hard wear, which requires limited maintenance. The panel can be dusted or wiped with a damp cloth.

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