Wood Acoustical Wall Panels

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Wood Acoustical Wall Panels

The MDF acoustic board has sound-absorbing performance and can be used to improve the quality and clarity of sound in a room or area. The acoustic wall panels wood board is very effective in controlling reverberation. The construction of these wooden acoustic wall panels complements the position with their design and surface treatment. Wood acoustical wall panels are very effective in large rooms and can be used as partitions in halls or auditoriums to provide sound control. The material used for the acoustical wood wall panels and the design of the MDF acoustic boards depend on the level of noise control required.

We provide standard size acoustic wall panel installation, which can be shipped at any time. We can also customize the size of the wooden acoustic wall panel according to customer requirements. Our customers can use our wide range of sound absorbing panels to seek the advice of acoustic consultants to get the best acoustic solution selection.

Wood acoustical wall panels can be installed on the wall or ceiling to absorb sound. The bottom of the wood acoustical wall panel is composed of a glass fiber core board and has a wooden laminate surface. The back of the acoustical wood wall panel is lined with sound-absorbing felt. The thickness of the inner core board is 12mm to 18mm.

Wood Acoustical Wall Panels Details

Core Material: MDF, MgO
Thickness: 15mm

Wood Acoustical Wall Panels Acoustical Wood Wall Panels Acoustic Wall Panels Wood

The acoustic wall panel wood board is designed with machine-etched long grooves to make it have a certain pattern effect. Other styles can also be provided according to customer needs. Wooden acoustic wall panels can be used in all areas that require sound control, such as schools, recording studios, conference rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums, etc. Wood acoustical wall panels and perforated sound absorption panels can also be used as independent partitions or screens.

Function of Wood Acoustical Wall Panel

High-quality sound attenuation
Effective sound absorption
Weather resistance
Insulation performance
Wood board decoration

The MDF acoustic board has the following finishes. Other types of surface treatment can also be provided on request.

Solid wood covering
Printed wood surface

Acoustical wood wall panels are almost suitable for various applications, including use in conference rooms, schools, studios, theaters, offices and commercial buildings.