Wood Slat Ceiling

Wood Slat Ceiling

Wood Slat Ceiling System Suspended Wood Slatted Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels


Wood Slat Ceiling

Use wood slat ceiling system to meet all your decor, acoustics and flame retardant needs.

Our wood slat for ceiling has been tested in accordance with BS476 Part 7 class 1 and EU 13501 Class B. The flame performance is mainly reply on the flame retardant MDF, which is an excellent substrate that can be combined with melamine or genuine wood veneer, adding natural warmth and elegance to any space.

The wood slat ceiling can be used for projects that previously could not provide cost-effective fire protection solutions due to fire requirements. When the need for wood aesthetic quality or high-quality paint coating, the use of flame retardant wood slat ceiling is the ideal choice. Suitable applications include wall and ceiling linings and sound insulation panels, especially for schools, hospitals, commercial and public buildings, display panels and dividers.

The slatted wood ceiling is available in a wide range of stylish acoustic perforations, both standard and fully customizable, for creating perfect acoustic performance. Our slatted wood panels are pre-completed to prevent additional on-site issues such as spillage, splashing, or damage. The installation of wood ceiling slats is quite simple, you can put it standard ceiling grid or make it suspended wood slat ceiling.

Slatted Wood Ceiling Available size

Sheet size: 2440 x 128mm
Thickness: 12, 15, 18mm

Not all thicknesses of acoustic wood ceiling panels apply to all applications. Please talk to us about your project for our proposal.

Wood Slat Ceiling System Suspended Wood Slatted Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels

Wood Ceiling Slats Melamine Finish

Melamine lamination is a economic but effective finish solution for wood slat ceiling. They looks like real wood veneer but much cheaper.

Real Wood Veneer

We offers a variety of natural wood veneers for ceiling wood slats. The real wood veneer brings natural and organic warmth to space, but you’d better take into account all aspects of this natural feature in the initial conceptual stage. Because it is an organic material, even in the same batch, the color variation is also inherent in solid veneer. In some applications, this is very much needed as it’s also evidence of natural. However, for some designs, the architect may wish to minimize the color variation. In that case, real wood veneer is not recommended.

Species, grain, cutting and finish can affect the perception of real wood veneer changes. When communicating your project with us, make sure to clarify the color expectations for tongue and groove wood ceiling. We can help you make your decision as soon as possible to make sure you get the desired finish.

The images of these color samples are for reference only. Veneer is a natural product, so the appearance of colors, patterns and particles may vary greatly from log to log and batch to batch. The image of the wood acoustic ceiling tiles color sample does not correctly represent the appearance of the full-size panel. Please note that images on different computers may have different colors and tones.

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