Tongue and Groove Wood Ceiling

Tongue and Groove Wood Ceiling

Ceiling Tongue And Groove Wood Paneling Wood Tongue Groove Wood Ceiling Panels



Tongue and Groove Wood Ceiling

Our tongue and groove wood ceiling panels includes slots on the panel face, with perforations on the back to create a panel that provides eye-catching appearance and superior acoustic performance. The wood tongue and groove ceiling planks form a clear linear effect with a warm organic finish. It’s very suitable for lectures, conference rooms and public buildings.

Specifications of tongue and groove wood ceiling planks

We offer a wide range of finishing options to meet your fire classification, sustainability and appearance requirements. We can also provide accessories, such as custom trim, so you can ensure consistently high quality.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling Wood Panel Size

Available length: 2440mm, or less
Available width: 128mm, custom

Acoustic Performance

There are slots on the tongue and groove wood paneling face and perforation on the back. The tongue groove wood ceiling panels are usually fitted with a 50mm acoustic wool to the rear. The acoustic performance depends on the “open area”.

Fleece Backing

Acoustically invisible fleece is usually fixed on the ceiling tongue and groove wood panel back for a black-out effect in the panel opening.

Ceiling Tongue And Groove Wood Paneling Wood Tongue Groove Wood Ceiling Panels


28-4, 13-3


Natural veneer, HPL, and melamine lamination are available for wood ceiling tongue and groove tiles.

Fire-proof Level

The wood paneling ceiling tongue groove board can be used as a series of fire classification as required.

Class 1 B.S.476: Part 7
Class B EN 13501

Customize Trim panel

Use the custom timber slat ceiling to add a new dimension to the project. Choose from the options we have designed, or create and design your own options.

Sustainable Development

Over the years, we have been struggling to stay ahead of the industry in terms of sustainability, and we are still working on it today. Our ceiling wood panels tongue groove is a natural sustainable material from well-managed renewable forests.

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