Timber Acoustic Panels

Timber Acoustic Panels

Timber Acoustic Panels Timber Acoustic Wall Panels Acoustical Panel

Timber Acoustic Panels

Acoustic properties are an important part of many projects such as concert halls, auditoriums, lecture halls and gymnasiums. Timber acoustic panels can visually meet any environment, and their acoustic characteristics make the greatest contribution to its applicability.

Timber acoustic wall panels are available with a wide range of acoustic options for perforations and slots for walls and ceiling linings. The perforations and slots have many modes to provide functional and decorative finish. Flame retardant, clean finishing, edge sealing and sound absorption backing material are also available.

Standard perforated MDF panel size: 1200×600, 600x600mm
Thickness: 12, 15, 18mm

Fire Performance – high

The core material used in the fire rating acoustic timber panels is China and EU class B MDF.

Impact Resistance – high

The medium density fiberboard panels used in our timber acoustic panels are impact resistant and are ideal for high traffic areas such as corridors, halls and lecture halls in schools, universities and public places.

Timber Acoustic Panels Timber Acoustic Wall Panels Acoustical Panel

Timber Acoustic Panels Installation

Our timber acoustic panel is designed for use with clips and keel for installation on suspended ceiling rails. Before the installation work, the material should be in the field conditions to rest 2 to 3 days. In new buildings with fresh concrete and gypsum, no installation shall be carried out until the relative humidity is equal. Every square meter should use 17 clips.

If the surface is a natural wood veneer, since natural products are with inherent variations, the acoustic timber panel should be selected for color and grain match before installation.

Processing and Storage

Timber acoustic panels should be stored in a dry environment and covered to prevent dust and dirt. Open the package and allow the panel to fit into the environment before installation. As these are finished panels, so be careful to prevent scratches and damage.

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