Slotted Wall Panels

Slotted Wall Panels

Slotted Wall Panels Acoustic Wood Slotted MDF Panel

Slotted Wall Panels

Our slotted wall panels provide excellent performance values ​​in a series of standard designs that provide a visually warm acoustic space. The slotted wood panel is ideal for use with walls and are often used in conjunction with a simple T-type aluminum system with square or double square configurations. They can also be used as perforated ceiling panels.

Slotted wall panels can be manufactured with a wide range of specifications and customization. They are often used as acoustic wood panels in auditoriums, schools, hotels, universities, catering facilities, gymnasium and multifunctional rooms, music room, restaurant noise control, theaters & home theaters, and so on.

Slotted Wall Panel Options

We offer a wide range of finishing options to meet your fire classification, sustainability and appearance requirements. We can also provide architectural accessories so you can ensure consistently high quality and more smooth running projects.

Slotted Wood Panel Specifications

Name: Slotted Wall Panels U-type
Substrate: 15mm MDF
Size: 600mm x 600mm / 1200mm x600mm
Veneer type: natural wood / melamine
Fire performance: Euro class B / Euro class C

Slotted Wall Panels Acoustic Wood Slotted MDF Panel

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Fleece Backing
Acoustically invisible wool is usually fixed on the back of slotted MDF panel for a black-out effect in the panel opening.

Slotted wall panels are usually installed with 50mm acoustic polyester wool or glass wool in the back. The sound performance mainly depends on the “open area”. Larger or more frequent slots provide higher performance values.

Slotted MDF Panel Installation

Suspension of T-type aluminum system
50mm glass wool installed above the panel

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