Slotted Acoustic Panels

Slotted Acoustic Panels Factory Wooden Slotted Timber Panel for Walls

Slotted Wood Wall Panels Manufacturer Customized Wood Slotted MDF Board

Slotted Acoustic Panels Factory Wooden Slotted Timber Panel for Walls

The slotted acoustic panels are designed to reduce the noise level projected by speakers, musicians and other sound events. Slotted MDF board can also reduce the sound reverberation in the building, so the sound does not interfere with adjacent rooms in the same building. The slotted timber panel is not completely “perforated”, but has acoustic fleeece on the back to absorb and concentrate sound waves. In addition, these specialized slotted acoustic panels can be hung from the ceiling to further reduce noise levels and echo.

The Benefits of Slotted Acoustic Panels

Slotted wood wall panels come in various sizes, veneers, finishes and patterns, which can enhance the style and atmosphere of any area through its style, elegance and refinement. These multi-functional grooved perforated panels can even be customized according to your project style. Just give us your idea of ​​the pattern, and our design team will create an amazing pattern and place it on your slotted wood wall panel. Made by perforated acoustic panel manufacturers using only sustainable materials, the slotted acoustic panels are grade B1 in flammability and can be installed on the ceiling or wall, or hung from the ceiling in the form of baffles or clouds.


Size: 600x600mm, 600x1200mm
Core Material: MDF, MgO
Thickness: 15mm

Slotted Wood Wall Panels Manufacturer Customized Wood Slotted MDF Board

In addition, our slotted MDF boards can add a unique and classic retro look to your room. By complementing and seamlessly integrating with existing buildings and decorations, it perfectly improves the elegance of interior decoration. Most people take the acoustics of the room for granted. However, whether it is an office, classroom, commercial place, recording studio or concert hall, slotted timber panels can play a great role in any space.

These panels are not only beautifully decorated, but also:

Quiet a noisy space by absorbing and diffusing all types of sounds.
Perforated acoustic wood panels add intimacy and privacy to your personal space.
Since wood is a natural diffuser of sound waves, it can provide a warm, clear and friendly sound.
By choosing color, stain or surface treatment, you can match most decorations.
Improve everyone’s ability to understand personal speech in places susceptible to reverberation and echo.
Improve listening and recording quality in recording studios and using home entertainment systems.

Where grooved perforated panels and slotted wall panels can significantly improve sound quality and reduce reverberation include:

All over the restaurant
Meeting room
Schools, lecture halls and classrooms
Venue/Entertainment Facilities
Home theater system
Office building
TV and radio studio

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