Perforated Wall Panels

Perforated Wall Panels Acoustic Perforated Wall Board

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General Details

Perforated Wall Panels

The acoustic perforated wall panels are used to adjust and improve the acoustic environment and often used in theaters, gymnasiums, concert halls and any public places. The acoustic adjustment is achieved by sound waves passing through the open area and being absorbed by acoustic wool or cavity behind. We produce perforated wall board that meet Euro class B and Euro class C fire protection requirements.

Perforated Wall Board Specification

Core Material: MDF
Mode: Perforated, slots, grooved  panels
Edge Detail: Tongue and groove
Finish: Veneer with paint, melamine
Melamine Finish – Available in a wide range of patterns, effects and colors
Finishes wood grain: oak, gray, cherry, black walnut, maple, sapele, beech, etc

Perforated Wall Panels Pattern:

groove / slat / open area
3mm / 13mm / 12%
4mm / 28mm / 7%

Perforated Wall Panels Acoustic Perforated Wall Board

Acoustic Standard

Test terminology – BS EN ISO 354: 2003. Measurement of sound absorption in the reverberation chamber

The ability of a material to absorb sound is usually expressed as an absorption coefficient measured at different frequencies. This means that in practice, a material based on different frequencies has many different absorption coefficients. When specifying the appropriate absorption level for each product such as perforated wall panel, first measure the product according to EN ISO 354. The result of this test is the absorption curve, which declares the absorption coefficient of each frequency used in the test.

Architects and Contractors

Planning – Draw on our extensive knowledge of perforated wall panels.
Fix advice – Benefit from our experience and advice.
Panel Recognition – Based on your drawing number, it is easy for the contractor to install.
Packaging – Packaging in the order in which they are installed.
Installation – We only provide perforated wall board, but we don’t provide installation service.