Wood Absorptive Panels

Wood Absorptive Panels Manaufacturer Acoustic Wooden Systems Sound Absorption Board

Acoustic Wood Wall Systems Perforated Wood Sheets Perforated Wood Art Panels

Wood Absorptive Panels Manufacturer Acoustic Wooden Systems Sound Absorption Board

It is very obvious to improve the internal acoustics of concert halls, stadiums, theaters and auditoriums. After all, a spacious space requires better control over the sound experience of the space. But the benefits of wood absorptive panels do not only apply to spacious rooms. The benefits of acoustic wood wall systems can also reduce space. In fact, many advantages of perforated wood sheets may surprise you.

Acoustic properties are equally important for spaces of any size, but this is an element that is often overlooked. For example, consider an area with heavy traffic. Without acoustic wooden systems, without good acoustic properties, the reception area, building entrance and foyer will become busy rather than attractive. On the other hand, poor acoustics will make it difficult for anyone to complete work in classrooms and conference rooms. For example, the hotel lobby will feel too busy rather than relaxing. Restaurants can feel noisy and crazy.

Wood Absorptive Panels Specifications

Size: 600x600mm, 600x1200mm
Core Material: MDF, MgO
Thickness: 15mm

Acoustic Wood Wall Systems Perforated Wood Sheets Perforated Wood Art Panels

How to choose sound absorbing wood panel

The perforation of the wood panel is what makes the perforated wood art panels effective. Depending on these perforations, wood absorptive panel can help break up standing waves, effectively absorb bass energy and provide better sound quality for indoor spaces overall.

According to the space used, the perforations on these sound absorbing panels must be customized. In this way, the acoustic wood wall system has both aesthetic and functional advantages. Therefore, you can effectively absorb and spread sound, while adding intimacy and style to the interior decoration. Other benefits include improved speech intelligibility in busy and traffic areas. The key is to find a professional acoustic wooden system manufacturer that can tailor the specifications of perforated wood sheet to your indoor needs. The correct advice at the beginning of the project is very important here.

Perforated Wood Sheets

Our own sound absorption board product line, perforated wood art panel has all the advantages of wood acoustical wall panels and more advantages. We can customize the panel to adapt to different levels of sound reflection. All of our perforated wood sheets are available in various sizes according to your requirements. It also comes with a certified fire certificate to ensure safety and functionality.

If you want to know more about what our wood absorptive panels can do for your business, please contact us immediately. We will assist you in choosing the right type for your space and project.

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