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Timber Veneer Acoustic Panel Grooved Wood Wall Panel Grooved Panel Board

Grooved Timber Panels Factory Grooved Acoustic Wall Panels Grooved Wall Panels

We are a leading manufacturer of grooved timber panels, and many other wooden acoustic wall panels.

The acoustic grooved panel board system uses beautiful wooden slotted and perforated panels to absorb sound on the walls and ceiling. Grooved wood wall panel is a high performance sound insulation product with excellent appearance. The timber veneer acoustic panel has a variety of configurations to meet all internal and acoustic requirements, and balance the reflection and absorption of sound through grooves and perforations. According to the design of the acoustic consultant, the grooved acoustic wall panels can be used to increase the NRC value.

The grooved panel board system adopts high-density MDF pre-laminated board, which complies with IS-14587:1998. All joints of the grooved timber panels are connected with pins to avoid sagging/unevenness. This ensures that the quality of each grooved wood wall panel of each project is consistent. The back of each grooved wood panel is equipped with a layer of black acoustic fluff, forming an air gap between the wall and the grooved timber panel. According to acoustic requirements, polyester fiber/glass can be used cotton padding for acoustic grooved panels.

Technical Information of Grooved Timber Panels:

Grooved wall panel size: 2440x128x15mm thick
Perforated timber veneer acoustic panel size: 600 x 600 mm, 600 x 1200mm, 12mm or 15 mm thickness
Finish: Melamine or wood veneer, choosing from Thansau maple, Mangfall beech, Bavarian beech, natural walnut, raw oak, cappuccino oak, slate wood, Siam wood, Siam teak, Oxford cherry (see veneer color table)
Pattern: 13/2, 14/2, 28/4 mm

Timber Veneer Acoustic Panel Grooved Wood Wall Panel Grooved Panel Board

The grooved timber panel has longitudinal grooves and slats, and a grooved sound insulation board is processed along the length of the panel. The basic core board is a 15 mm thick fiberboard with a veneer laminated on the front and black sound-absorbing felt on the back. These grooved timber panels and grooved acoustic wood panels consist of a laminated surface, a basic core board and black sound-absorbing felt attached to the back. The grooved grooved wall panel consists of a panel made of sound-absorbing fire-resistant panels with linear perforations for excellent uniformity. These grooved acoustic wall panels can be placed with a 50 mm thick sound insulation backing to enhance the sound insulation performance of the entire system. The grooved wall panel material is based on the principle of acoustics, and has remarkable sound absorption function, especially the sound absorption effect of low frequency.

Grooved Wall Panels Application

Auditorium, movie hall, theater, concert hall, gymnasium, lecture hall, library, multi-function hall, hotel, museum, meeting room, conference hall, business office and other public places.

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